Aug 27, 2015

Trip to Ulun Danu, Tegalalang, and Ubud with French Clients

Here is a short video that I made for the trip I took with French speaking clients. I don't speak French. Not one word. But it's not a problem.

Sometimes I work for local travel agent in Bali who have French clients. But this time they also assigned one of their staff, a French girl, named Orianne to go tour with me. She translated what I explained to the clients. I think she also added some of her own stories. I think that's great.

Aug 26, 2015

A Bali Adventure You Will Never Forget

Here is my my adventure as local guide in Bali with a friend of mine who acted as trip leader, Emanuel. Emanuel is from Java (or Jawa as he likes to pronounce it). He had been with the travelers (who appeared in this video) in Java. And when in Bali, I took over his job in guiding them for Bali portion.

In this video, you will find snapshots of some activities the travelers do in Bali. Some days were quite busy with many activities including dolphin watching in Lovina, or learning Balinese dancing. Some days were more loose with free and easy activities like walking around Ubud market and doing cooking lesson.  Well, for me cooking is not my strong point.

Watch the video to get some inspiration for your next trip in Bali.

Aug 6, 2015

Quick Trekking At Ceking Village Tegalalang Bali

In the past, people can only enjoy the view of rice terraces at Ceking village. Nowadays, beside the view, people can walk on the rice field paths leading to the hill top.

If you decide to walk, here is what you can do.

From the main street where you get down from your car, there is a way to get down to the field.  There are many ways to get down to the path, one of them, is through a restaurant named Rice Terrace Cafe.

Pass the restaurant, you will get path going down. Don't expect well constructed pavement here, just soil path. It can get muddy and slippery when wet. It is okay on the dry season.

Once you get to the bottom, you will see a bridge that will lead you to the main hill where you can start walking up to the top of the hill.

It takes about 20 minutes more or less to reach the top. You can rest any time if you are tired. And there is a lady who sells coconut somewhere on the path. You can rest there and buy young coconut to drink,

So, there it is. Start walking up, and you will be there in no time. On the top, you can see beautiful areas of the surrounding area.

What do you think? You're going to get up there or just pass it?

Aug 3, 2015

Really Important (Seriously!) Guide of Visiting Monkey Forest in Ubud Bali

I was in the monkey forest in Ubud with my clients from Denmark. They enjoyed their stay there. Besides the monkeys, they enjoyed the walk around the forests.

There are about six hundred monkeys who will entertain you once you get in the forest. It is not a forest like you may think a forest where it is hard to walk around. Since there are many visitors coming to this forest, the local government has made path around the forest.

These are the "polite monkeys", they don't snatch your glasses, earring, hair clip, or your credit card.

They have enough to eat so that they don't have to take your belongings and force you to buy food to exhange with stolen items. They don't have that kind of mentality.

Local provide them with sweet potato to feed them for several times a day. Of course, they will not refuse banana. Monkey and banana are just not to be separated. Close your eyes and say monkey to yourself, and your brain will think banana.

Please don't give your biscuit, coke, and peanut to them. It's not healthy for them. They can get sick. Especially the coke, they contain lots of sugar and who knows what's in the coke. It tastes nice, monkeys like it, but it is harmful for them.

You can buy banana at the entrance of the monkey forest. Small bunch wich consist of four bananas, cost about rp 20,000 and big bunch cost 50,000 rp. Bringing a bunch of banana to the monkey forest will attract the six hundred macaques. And that's not fun. So, hide them in your bag, but don't let the monkeys see you as you put them in your bag. And feed them one banana at the time.

When you feed the small monkey (ow, so cute!)  the big monkey will come. The small monkey will run away. Okay, you probably think that you need to teach valuable lesson the big monkey how important is to share. But, please, don't.  The rule of the jungle applies here.

Forget about talking to the monkeys, they won't talk to you back. You know why? Because their moms told them not to talk to strangers.

Jul 31, 2015

Visiting Calm Quiet Beach in the North Bali

This is a video I make during my visit to Lovina beach, just outside a restaurant and hotel named Aditya. The beach was calm, and the wave was not that big. Not so many people when I came. It's lunch time, and was quite hot day.

Lovina beach is not like the beach in Kuta or Nusa Dua. It has black sand. And being in the north, it is not as popular like Kuta beach.

From south Bali, you need to spend 2 to 3 hours to go here. But on the way, there are many beautiful places to visit along Bedugul and Gitgit.

So, when you have time you can go tour to Lovina or just spend overnight at hotels around Lovina.

Jul 6, 2015

Galungan Holiday is Coming, Yay!!

This is my favorite holiday as a kid years ago, (feel like yesterday, though). I feel that everybody goes to the temples on this day. Well, of course that's not true, some may stay home because of certain reason.

Back to me as a kid, it was my happy moment. This was the time I got new clothes from my parents  and some money that I can spend the way I like it. I think every Balinese kid will be happier at the Galungan day because they can wear their best clothes. Maybe it is not always new, but you know what I mean.

But the atmosphere is different than the normal day. There is peacefulness in the air. A sense of holiness and celebration.

This is a day that nobody should go to work or goes to school. Everybody should go home and meet their parents or families and exchange news.

At home in the village, I imagine the conversation will start with
"he, kenken kabare, tumben ngenah?" (hei how are you? long time no see? )
 "Dije jani megae, Yan? ( Where do you work now, Yan?)"
 "Kude be ngelah nak cenik jani?" (How many kids do you have now?" )
 "Beh, gaya den be dadi boss megae di pariwisata." (You're so cool now being a boss working in tourism) and the like.

For me as a kid, long time ago,  going home to the village means meeting my grand parents and my cousins. This another great experience.

For me now as an adult,  going home and have my kids meet their grand parents and their cousins. This makes them happy, as I was.

Last note, Galungan Day takes places every six months in Bali and it said to commemorate the victory of Dharma against Adharma. And for this month it will be in mid of July 2015.

Holiday makes us a happier person, don't you think?

Jun 26, 2015

Best rice fields views in Bali

Here are some photos I have taken during working as tour guide in Bali. I took these photos in several locations including Tegalalang village, Pupuan Village, Belimbing village and also the popular Jatiluwih village. If you have the chance to visit Bali, I recommend you to visit some of those villages, or all if you can, to enjoy breathtaking views.

Oct 28, 2014

The Other Side Of Jimbaran

Jimbaran bay is a great place for spending time relaxing by the beach.  You can go there in the evening at about 6 and enjoy the sunset on the beach. Your kids probably likes running around and playing around the beach.  You can order the food at the restaurant or cafe where you stop for dinner.
One of my favorite place for dinner in Jimbaran is in Kelan village.  This is toward northern end of the bay.  It's located closer to the airport,  but far enough that you can't hear the sound of the planes.
I like this place because it's more quiet.  There are not many cafe near by so there are less people.  There are music,  but they are not so loud.
In the main area of Jimbaran, where most of the cafes or restaurants are located,  there are usually lots  of traffic. Traffic in Kelan is less,  hence it's easy to drive around.
This photo is from one of the cafe in Kelan.

Oct 22, 2014

Tegalalang Rice Terrace Not For Sale?

Sometimes ago if you passed Tegalalang and wanting to see the view of the rice terraces, you'd be surprised with the huge letters spread out on the main hill of the rice fields. It says "NOT FOR SALE".
For some of the tourists who would like to take photo of just the rice terraces, that would be a problem. So, anyone wanting to take photo of the rice field will have to include the letters.

The letters not for sale was actually from one of a Bali artist who also concerned about the environmental issue in Bali. I have no more information about this, nor that I have the capacity to talk deeper about this. But one thing for sure, that there is a fast decrease of the rice field area in Bali every year.

A lot of the rice field in Bali has been converted into housing area. With more people, as the population grows, Bali needs more housing. And for this we converted rice field into housing.

Another reason for a conversion, because people build more hotels and villas around the rice field. Soon we will no longer have enough rice field to produce rice for our people. Even now we have imported rice from other countries.

The word NOT FOR SALE serves a reminder for us not to blatantly sell our rice field. This is one of the reason why tourists come to Bali. What do you think?