May 1, 2016

Visiting Tegenungan Waterfall in Gianyar Bali

Tegenungan waterfall is located in Gianyar regency, close to the popular place of Ubud.  Here is my video when I took some clients to the waterfall.
The ticket cost at the time of this video is rp 10,000. The path to the view of the waterfall is quite easy to walk. Toilets are available nearby. Some shops and cafe are present for you to buy some drink.
If you would like to get closer to the waterfall, then from the view point you can walk down to the river where the waterfall is located. The are steps going down. You will spend about about 5 minutes walking down about 150 steps. Next, you will find yourself walking at the riverbank.
Walking along the bank is easy. Just continue walking for 5 minutes, and you will arrive at the waterfall.
You can just take photos here. You can also get wet like the locals. In the afternoon, you can see local kids play in the waterfall. Sometime they will go up to the cliff near the waterfall, and jump to the water from the higher ground.
You can also climb to the cliff and then walk closer to the falling water. Feel the sensation here. It is something to remember.

Apr 27, 2016

Easy Path to Multi-tiered Waterfall In Gitgit

There are some waterfalls in Gitgit village. If you've been there, probably you have visited the main waterfall where everybody goes. This waterfall is the less visited waterfall, but it does not mean it is not a great place to visit. Check the video, you will find it quite interesting.
Gitgit village is located in north Bali. You will pass it when you go to North Bali tour. Maybe you will even stop in this village and stop at one of the waterfall. The multi-tiered waterfall is the second waterfall you will encounter while driving from South Bali.
The path is to waterfall is easy to walk on. There are not really any stairs on the path like the other waterfall. So, most of the visitors will find it easy to get there.
You will cross a bridge, and then walk on the river bank, and continue to the small open building in the river where you can get the best view of the waterfall.

Apr 26, 2016

Conversation with Bali Inspirational Teacher Gede Prama

Gede Prama is the most inspirational teacher in Bali. He teaches about wisdom about how to build family, how to meditate, and how to live base on philosophy acceptance.
I had a chance to meet him at Budha monastery in Banjar north Bali. I was taking some clients to the monestery and he was there for an event called Compassion Day. It was a coincidence for us to meet him.
I did not know he was there until I was there myself in the monastery. Knowing from the local that he was there, I talked to the person about the possibility of meeting him. The local I talked to,  phoned the committee to contact him.

"Please, say to him, we would like to meet him. These travelers are interested to learn more about meditation." I refered to my clients.

But he was busy with preparation and some other people that meeting him at the moment. He could not meet us.

So, then we continued walking around the temple, admiring the architecture, talking to the people there, and taking some photos.

We were about to leave the temple, we got the news that Gede Prama was not busy anymore and would like to meet us. That's a great news for us. And this was the video when we were there. I had even an opportunity to ask few questions.

Enjoy the video.

Mar 22, 2016

Trying Ocean bumper in Benoa Bay Bali

 Benoa bay is very popular with many watersport activities like parasailing, paragliding,  or jetskiing. Ocean bumper is quite new at the time I write this article. And it is operated by a company called BMR.

It is similar to jetskiing, but it is only moving around in a designated area on the sea. When riding ocean bumper, and hit the border, you will will be bounced back. Not like the jetski ride, where you have to pay attention where you ride.

In that sense, it is less challenge or less risk than jet skiing.

You can try ocean bumper, because it is much easier than jetskiing. You don't have to be accompanied by instructors and you will not go as fast. It is more fun if you can do this with your friends and then you can bump to each other. You will share a good laugh.

And again, there are many other activities you can enjoy if you think ocean bumper give you less challenge than you expect.

This video is when I went with my clients to Benoa Bay for an inspection for the new attraction:Ocean bumper.

Jan 18, 2016

Places to Visit in Bali

As I went around Bali island, I have made some videos in the places I visited with my client. Then I compiled those videos into one snapshot video.
The places appear in this video are Uluwatu, Jatiluwih, Gitgit, Lovina, Padang-padang Beach,  Kintamani, Lake Batur, Tegenungan Waterfall, and some other  beautiful places in Bali. Hope you like it.

Jan 1, 2016

A Passion for Balinese Dance

I meet Ketut, the Balinese dance teacher,  because I bring some visitors to his school. On my visits,  I had the chance to talk to him, to shoot a few videos, and then compile those videos to this short documentary clip.

It talks about the reason Balinese dance is very important in Balinese life. It also serves the reason for the school to be founded.

Few of his talented students also performs in the video. Please enjoy the Bali short documentary.

Dec 6, 2015

Having fun learning Balinese dance

For Balinese kids, they have to start early to learn dancing. At least, the are already six years old, according to Ketut Sudirawan. Younger than that, he finds it really hard to control them. For older children, he can control them better.

If you would like to know how the Balinese learning to dance, you can visit Ketut Sudirawan in Blahbatuh Village, Gianyar. But remember to make appointment with him.

Nov 25, 2015

Sambal Bawang Matah: Our Favorite Balinese Sambal

Sambal Bawang Matah Bali Sauce4
Have you heard the word “sambal”?
Sambal is sauce made of mix of spices such as shallot, garlic, lime, chili, pepper and salt. These ingredient are then grinded with stone pestle and mortar. The paste of that mixture of spices is called sambal.
Sambal is like a sauce. We eat it together with rice, fried chicken, grilled fish or any food on our table. It adds up the taste.
Sambal bawang matah is a different story. First, the meaning of sambal bawang matah is the sambal of raw shallot. It is indeed made of raw ingredients such as: shallot, garlic, lemon leaves, shrimp paste or terasi, salt and coconut oil.
These ingredients are mixed together (just by hand, not in a pestle and mortar like the regular sambal) and then served with the food. Usually serving it fresh is the best way. We can not keep if for long time.
So, whenever going to have some meal in Bali, you can try the sambal bawang matah. It is favorite of many Balinese, me included.
Sambal Bawang Matah Bali Sauce PresentationAnd here is a photo of sambal bawang matah with his friend sambal tomat or (tomato sambal, also another kind of sambal). At the background, there is fried rice.

Nov 24, 2015

Fresh Water Splashing at Tegenungan Waterfall in Gianyar

Tegenungan Waterfall Gianyar Bali

Tegenungan waterfall is a beautiful waterfall. It is located only 5 kilometers from Ubud. You can go there anytime, but preferably in the morning or in the afternoon, when the sun is not so hot.

The entrance ticket is 10,000. You need to pay that at the ticket booth on the road leading to the waterfall.

Then you need to walk for about two minutes from the entrance ticket booth to be able to see the waterfall. There is a shop or little café from where you can look at the view of the waterfall. You can rest, relax, or take photos from here.

If you want to get closer to Tegenungan waterfall, you can continue walking. Pass the shop, you will find stairs leading you to the river where the waterfall flows.

There are about 400 easy steps going down located between bushes and trees. You will pass three water sprouts near the river. It’s for bathing place. You can bathe here, but I don’t suggest you to. (just kidding).

As you arrive in river bank, the path is not solid anymore. It is soil and stones path. Continue walking to the waterfall.

Put on your trekking shoes, if you need to. You can use sandals or wet shoes to walk around.

Put on swimming suit if you would like to join the locals bathing, and jumping to the water from the higher ground.

Some travel tips: after hard rain, the water color can turn brown, not so pretty. So, it is not advised to bathe there.

The exact location of the water fall is in this address. Clicking it will open google map where you can learn the location.